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Mastering the art of spelling

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Make it a habit...Let’s Puzzle

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Improve your handwritng skill

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We’re bringing a whole new concept of learning in the field of ‘after-school’ education that it uses a bottom-up approach, focusing on improving higher cognitive skills, such as attention, memory, concentration, communication and decision-making.

Learning Modules.

One of the most trusted and leading provider of quality Abacus Education, Spelling-Bee and other ‘after-school’ learning concepts, having self-learning personalised digital learning avenues and direct learning centres in 40+ Countries.

Our interactive online and physical modules targets every major system of the brain that supports the entire learning cycle, grounded in research about how children learn best. Our vision is to build a next generation of lifelong learners who possess the skills, accuracy, creativity to make an impact in the fast pacing knowledge driven world.

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online and offline modules of nurture where student can login on any devices to access the brain training after school programs for homeschooling
2020  Partnered in 40+ Countries
2018  H&Right, AudioFables, MathZone etc
2016  SpellBytes
2015  WizyPuzzle
2014  Interactive Online Abacus Portal
2011  AbacusMaster conceptualised


During these times, Education has changed dramatically around the Globe, with the distinctive rise of e-learning, whereby teaching and learning is undertaken remotely and on digital platforms. Although online education can be transmitted more efficiently, education not only teaches the knowledge, but also has more interactions, and these interaction between teachers and students needs a place. Whichever way we all gather knowledge, we must know how to apply or transform it in real life to brighten us and others.

We at Wizycom Nurture, has followed a hybrid learning model for more than a decade by having online learning platforms and physical learning centres, not restricted to any geographical syllabus. As per our philosophy, the content itself defines the core of the learning, not the mode of training……as the learning really happens at the cognitive space of every child.


Enhance life skills and knowledge through unique and scientifically proven ‘After School’ programs and associated avenues.

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Online apps for homeschooling, brain training, skill enhancements, learn from home education

Online Avenues

Large variety of interactive and self-learning ‘Afterschool’ modules that encourage students to explore, engage, read, , reflect, learn, and experience !

Online certificate programs to learn abacus, spelling bee and other skills based courses

Certificate Central

An online learning community with value richcertifications for global learners, on topics including Abacus, Spelling Bee, Handwriting, Puzzles, Brain Teasers and more.

our publishing with many interesting books for kids to learn from home

Our Publications

Well known publishers on high-quality books and magazines for children, with a goal of creating lifelong learners who possess skills for the future.

physical learning offline classes with best teachers and trainers in the industry

Physical Learning

Our centres provide a welcoming learning environment where our student receives both instruction and practice by the trained teachers.

  • Tripti Mishra

    AbacusMaster, Hong Kong

    Its been pleasure to work with Wizycom since I have started. All the apps and website tools are great and online and telecom support is very instant.

  • Mai Thị Thúy Vinh (Ms.)

    AbacusMaster, Vietnam

    AbacusMaster Vietnam is proud to be the franchised unit from AbacusMaster and we are very happy to be your member. Thank you, AbacusMaster, for your thoughtful and enthusiastic support so we can bring the Abacus program and its meaning to all Vietnamese students.

  • Usha Ramachandran

    Franchise Owner

    It’s been a wonderful experience being an AbacusMaster franchise. The support that the staff offer has been excellent. The initial starting process was very easy and smooth. Their starting training was very informative. Apart from the initial training, they have also been providing us with support as and when needed. The franchise portal is user friendly. Overall, it’s been an amazing experience working with Abacusmaster!

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